22 July 2016

Group of companies «PRAVIO» celebrates 10th Anniversary!


July 24, 2016 a group of companies «PRAVIO» will celebrate 10th anniversary. During this time, thanks to achievements in the international and local dairy markets in agricultural business enterprise PJSC "Ichnya Condensed Milk Company",«LLC "Proviant», «MilkInvest» Ltd. and several others transformed into a major industrial and investment holding company under the name Group of Companies «PRAVIO».

The history of the group of companies began in 2006. Through properly planned strategy and the coming of investors, for the period November 2006 to March 2007 it has been reconstructed virtually inoperative food factory in the city of Chernihiv, region Ichnia. It was in the year 2007 and formed the largest - dairy business direction of the company - PJSC "Ichnya Condensed Milk factory."

The same year the company was certified according to international standards, "Quality Management System" ISO 9001-2000, set up the own national distribution system, an active export trend begins to develop.

Within 2 years of PJSC "Ichnya Condensed Milk Company " has become a leader among the largest producers of canned milk in Ukraine.

In 2010-2012 company progressively developed in a dairy business, and in other areas as well. Supporting by the Swedish company "Tetra Pak", on Ichnyansky mill built a new plant for the production of UHT-milk, created the own raw materials, purchased a fleet of modern milk tankers "Ssania" with built-in stations preparing milk samples for analysis, the products were exported to more than 40 countries , successfully developing its own agricultural area "MilkInvest", giving to the market the highest quality milk that were coming from ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.

Production of the flagship companies of «PRAVIO» Group "Ichnya Condensed Milk Company " - today are exported to the 48th countries. The UHT-milk, condensed milk and cream - are represented in all regions of Ukraine and successfully selling in national and international retail chain: Fozzy Group (Fozzy, Silpo, Fora), ATB, Furshet, Auchan, Metro C&C, Billa, Tavria, Union, Quarter, and dr.Produktsiya expansion of our production is well known to domestic consumers under their own TM "MamaMilla", TM "Milada" TM "Ichnia" under PL: «hit product», «FineFood», «ARO», «Merry farm" "Povny bowl", "№1", "Eurogroup" and others.

PJSC "Ichnya Condensed Milk factory " is the constant participant of the most ratings of international competitions and exhibitions, several times winner of the gold medal and cups, other international and national awards (regular winner of international contests in the nomination "For high-quality products" in 2008 -2013 in the international "Prodexpo" exhibition in Moscow, winner of the Grand Prix winner of the international contest "Best product 2013" at the exhibition "Prodexpo 2013", gold medals at the biggest food exhibition and many etc.)

With opportunities, long-term experience and sufficient resources for the development of new directions and projects of different scale, realizing their responsibility for social welfare improvement - of the Group of Companies «PRAVIO» defined their corporate social mission as providing real assistance to individuals, organizations, areas of the state, which today especially need support.

Realizing their civic duty for the support and welfare of society as a difficult time for our country - holding enterprises are actively assisting the Ukrainian army, refugees from the Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine, people with special needs, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

On the day of Anniversary GK «PRAVIO», the President - Valentyn Anatolievich Zaporoshchuk on behalf of the holding company and himself, expresses special thanks to the partners that are working many years with us, namely the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, JSC "Sberbank of Russia, Company" Infagro ", LLC" Astarta-Kyiv ", LLC" Katerynopil Agroprodukt ", LLC" Arda METAL PEKEDZHING UKRAINE "LLC with foreign investments" Tetra Pak ", and many others who have successfully and fruitfully cooperates with the enterprises GK ”PRAVIO".